LPG Technician

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Install bulk storage tanks for systems at residential and commercial customer locations.
  2. Delivers, repairs, installs and maintains, at customer locations, a variety of LP gas appliances and equipment which include furnaces, ranges, water heaters, generators, etc.
  3. Educates customers on the proper operation, maintenance and safety of appliances and gas equipment.
  4. Prepares work orders, invoices, and reports of work performed and gas deliveries.
  5. Confers with customers to determine preferred location of bulk storage tanks and equipment in compliance with industry, state, and local regulations and Company’s safety standards.
  6. Installs and maintains gas piping systems, which includes but is not limited to underground gas lines, above-ground gas lines, inside piping, regulators, meters, and liquid dispensing systems.
  7. Makes detailed check of installations, including gas and pressure checks, to ensure proper operations of Company’s and customer’s equipment.
  8. Promotes the use of LP gas by suggesting additional uses to customers and relating the quality, service and dependability of Company products.
  9. Maintains, paints, and repairs Company-owned equipment, which includes tanks, cylinders, valves, etc.
  10.  Operates company vehicles in a safe and efficient manner at all times.
  11. Available for night, weekend, and holiday after-hour calls on a rotating basis.
  12. Performs any other duties as assigned.

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