Work ethics is a set of moral principles that an employee should appreciate in performing their job. It may cover attitude and behavior, but also how you do your job or the responsibilities that come attached to it. How you show respect to co-workers and the people you come into contact with at work and how you communicate and interact with them also defines your work ethics. It is also the key characteristics one should embrace at work like Honesty, integrity, accountability and humility among others. Your work ethics will dictate how you deal with certain circumstances.


This should always appear in all aspects on job from when dealing with clients, to employees and finally to the supervisors. Doing the right things at the right time even when no one is watching is very crucial. The greatest impact of integrity is seen with people around us. Always do not forget that acting with integrity also means behaving in a consistent manner. You always earn a certain level of trust if you are able to achieve results as well as demonstrating a picture of concern for others.

“Results+ Integrity+ concern=Level of Trust”


This covers focus, determination and dedication. At work, you will always be instructed to have various tasks worked out at ago, if you do not have enough discipline to listen to instructions and follow through performance then there is no way you are going to be productive as required  by your superiors. Disciplined employees put the company in the 1st place.


This phrase is too broad. It may cover from appearance to self-conduct and also how you deal with yourself in the presence of other people. At the end this equates to work ethics.

Sense of Responsibility;

The moment you join an organization and your assigned tasks, it’s your responsibility to fulfill them. A responsible employee manages their time, gets all assigned tasks done and at the end of it all they deliver. Your levels of responsibility will be determined by the level of performance. You will also feel inclined to do your best if you want to get the best results.

Teamwork and cooperation;

As an employee, you are part of a whole, so you need to work with other people who all together form an organization. If this is hard, then it puts your work ethics in question. Work ethics will always be shaped by relationships. This comes in mostly on your ability to achieve goals whether as an individual or a team.

 In conclusion, Work ethics is a broad aspect, you may demonstrate it through time management, observing deadlines and maintaining a good attendance record at work.

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